Although Ramunno & Ramunno Law Offices has obtained tens of millions in settlements and/or jury verdicts for our clients since our creation decades ago, below is a list of some of our more recent jury verdicts and/or settlements. Please remember that it shows success to be able to obtain top dollar before a jury trial and our reputation, as a law office that wins at trial and gets the job done, helps us settle cases faster and avoid the delays of a jury trial. Please also remember that due to attorney-client privilege we are not able to disclose the names of our clients, just general information and in most cases the amount.

Fall, 2014: Lawrence Ramunno secured a binding arbitration award in excess of $150,000 for our client who had a car injury claim involving neck and back injuries and pain. By getting the defendant’s auto insurance lawyer to agree to binding arbitration Larry was able to avoid the delay of a trial, which would have taken much longer to get to. In addition, due to Larry Ramunno’s skill and legal maneuvering he obtained this very favorable binding arbitration award despite his client’s very extensive prior medical history, which showed that for many years prior to this car accident his client had treated for injuries to his neck and back and had even gotten treatment for neck and back pain just months prior to this car accident.

October, 2014: Attorney L. Vincent “Lee” Ramunno, Sr. obtained a settlement, without needing to even file suit, for a construction worker who was pursuing a car injury claim, of $7000. This amount, although small by the average settlement of a Ramunno and Ramunno, P.A. claim, was based on 9 visits to a chiropractor for neck pain and no other treatment. Lee Ramunno’s legal experience of over four decades as a lawyer, his immense understanding of insurance companies’ tactics and strategy, and the insurance company’s knowledge that Lee Ramunno is never afraid to file suit or take a case to a jury trial all combined for what was a very high settlement considering what Mr. Ramunno had to work with in negotiating a settlement with the insurance adjuster.

July, 2014: L. Vincent Ramunno was successful in obtaining a six-figure settlement for a middle aged man who had worked in a variety of occupations who was severely injured in an auto collision which caused such significant injuries to his spine that he required surgery to his cervical spine (neck). Our client had a significant prior history of neck injuries and initially the insurance company only offered around $40,000. However, L. Vincent Ramunno, realizing how the insurance adjuster was playing games and making a low ball offer, promptly filed suit. This helped to get the offer increased significantly. While the case was still in suit, but well before trial, Mr. Ramunno’s client then had surgery on his cervical spine, which completely changed the dynamics of the claim, especially after Mr. Ramunno obtained medical reports detailing that the spine surgery was directly related to the auto collision in question and also through aggressive discovery and investigation obtained evidence that the insurance company’s lawyer’s so called “medical expert” had received millions of dollars through the years giving reports and testifying for insurance companies.

Spring, 2014: Ramunno & Ramunno Law Offices obtained a settlement for our client, who was very badly injured in an auto accident and required enormous amounts of medical treatment and therapy due to her injuries. Unfortunately, further details can not be revealed because the defendant’s attorney insisted that it be confidential and that the terms of the settlement, especially the amount, not be disclosed.

Winter, 2014: L. Vincent Ramunno, Jr., without even needing to file suit, obtained a $20,000 settlement for a client who suffered various so called “soft-tissue injuries,” including neck and back injuries. Mr. Ramunno was able to do this despite the client having a very significant past history of prior injuries, especially to her neck and back. The client had about seven months of chiropractic care and two visits to a specialist. In addition, Ramunno & Ramunno, P.A. had represented this client in multiple other auto injury claims, starting in the mid-2000’s. Her confidence in us is so high she has repeatedly returned to our firm for her injury claims.

October, 2013: $100,000 settlement obtained after suit filed, but without the need for a trial, our client was a retired union worker, had suffered neck injuries.

Summer, 2013: Lawrence Ramunno successfully secured a $75,000 settlement for our client, a dog bite victim, who had suffered scars, required stitches and had needed months of medical care for his injuries. Initially, the dog owner’s insurance company (which was responsible for the dog’s actions through the owner’s homeowner’s policy) refused to offer anything to our client. That is when we were hired and less than a year later, without the need to even file suit, the case was settled for $75,000.

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