Tour Bus Crash

Ramunno and Ramunno Law Offices have for years taken on big companies and the millionaire owners of big corporations, including tour bus companies. At Ramunno Law Offices we are deeply disturbed by how big companies, such as tour bus companies, and their owners, routinely for the sake of profit simply cut corners on safety and/or make their tour bus drivers exceed safe driving time lines.

Here are some important facts to remember about the recent and tragic and unnecessary AM USA Express tour bus crash that occurred on Delaware Route 1, near Red LIon Road. Although the driver was recently charged, at Ramunno and Ramunno, we fervently believe ultimate responsibility for this horrible event reaches much farther than just the driver. Our investigators are aggressively gathering evidence and have been to the scene of the bus accident. Recently, the media has reported that the AM USA Express tour bus was carrying 50 people, including the driver, none of which escaped injury. Tragically, two women have died as a result of this accident and multiple others suffered critical injuries due to the negligence of the AM USA Express tour bus driver.

Sixteen ambulances responded to the scene, triaging passengers who had suffered various injuries including neck injuries, cracked ribs, and head trauma. Those with severe injuries had to be airlifted to area hospitals. Obviously, no amount of money will bring back the good health or fully compensate those for the horrible injuries they have suffered. Likewise, no amount of money, whether it be twenty million, fifty million, one hundred million, etc, will make up for the terrible loss of life.


Ramunno Law Offices has handled over 20,000 injury claims through the years. If you’ve been injured in the AM USA Express tour bus accident don’t hesitate to call us. And please remember, IF THE AUTO ACCIDENT HAPPENED IN DELAWARE, ONLY A LICENSED DELAWARE ATTORNEY CAN FILE SUIT IN DELAWARE. If the tour bus or car accident occurred in Delaware, then suit should be filed in Delaware. Where suit is filed is based on where the accident occurred, not where the victim lives. Hence, law offices from far off places that are trying to get you to sign up with them, are simply going to be at a disadvantage and the insurance companies for the AM USA Express tour bus know this.

At Ramunno Law Offices we are aggressively investigation not just the owner of the tour bus, and the tour company, but the companies and individuals that own and/or control these initial companies. Often with tour bus companies, a holding company or “shell company” is used in an attempt to shelter the actual owners’ and their wealth. Ramunno Law Office isn’t afraid of these big companies, their insurance companies or the millionaire owners behind them. We will aggressively pursue all possible defendants and all possible sources of insurance coverage.

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