Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where is the money i get coming from? The nice old lady who rear-ended me or the insurance company?

Big Insurance tries hard to trick people into thinking if you get money for your injury claim it’ll cost the person at fault instead of their insurance company. This isn’t surprising considering how sneaky and dishonest Big Insurance is. In fact in many states, including Delaware, injury lawyers are not allowed to tell the juries that it’ll really be State Farm also known as “Snake Farm,” GEICO, Allstate, etc etc (Big Insurance) whose going to be paying the injured victim. This is because Big Insurance figures juries will feel bad for the driver whose at fault, thinking the money is coming from his or her own pocket, and will then award a smaller amount. But, this is simply not the case. Big Insurance is on the hook and is the one whose going to be truly paying.

2. Will I have an attorney representing my interests?

Yes, at Ramunno & Ramunno , the senior lawyers will be personally handling your case, however, our entire staff is working towards the same goal and will be relentless in winning your case. We are experienced, caring and dedicated. All we do is pursue personal injury claims, such as auto accidents, slip and falls, workman’s compensation claims and medical malpractice claims.

At our personal injury firm, you will have a team of expert attorneys who are backed up by associate/junior attorneys, paralegals, investigators and secretaries. Together, the attorneys and our staff members will gather vital information for your case because we have learned, the best defense against the unscrupulous insurance companies and the billionaires who own them is an aggressive offense. We will investigate the accident, go to the scene of the collision or injury if needed, obtain copies of all your medical records related to your injuries, and keep in close contact with you. Obtaining copies of your medical records related to your injuries is crucial, because, those medical records document your injuries and treatment, as such, we have multiple secretaries who are assigned to do this.

3. How much do I have to pay your representation in my personal injury case?

You pay us nothing, unless we win. At Ramunno & Ramunno, P.A., we are extremely aggressive, and take great pride in our winning record against big insurance companies. You pay us nothing unless we make a financial recovery on your behalf. At that point, we are paid a 1/3 percentage of that recovery plus our costs assuming you’ve been in a car accident. Slip and fall cases, trip and fall cases and workman’s compensation cases (sometimes referred to as job injuries) have slightly different fees. But for all of our cases, if there is no recovery, there are no fees or costs to you. You never take out your wallet to advance us any money, any costs related to your case, from the small, (say $20 or so for a police report) to the large (say $2000 for a medical expert to testify) we advance, and you only reimburse us for these if we win and get money on your injury claim.

4. How long will my personal injury case last?

This time period fluctuates a bit from person to person and depends on your injuries, as well as, other factors, such as insurance availability. Although no two injury claims are exactly alike, Ramunno & Ramunno, P.A. generally is able to settle most of our cases after about 12 to 15 months from the accident in question. Sometimes, clients tell us that they want to settle after say 6 months of medical care, even though their doctors are recommending additional treatment, and we always defer to our client’s requests in these situations. Put another way, generally, a doctor will need about a year of treatment, testing (such as MRI’s, EMG’s, etc) before they are willing to put in writing what they feel is the full extent of a person’s injuries and if they have permanent injuries. However, if a client wants to settle before this is feasible for whatever reason, we respect this decision and follow your directions.

In our constant efforts to obtain full and fair compensation for your injuries we generally have seen that most doctors are not willing to in writing outline the extent of their patient’s injuries until about 12 months or so after the accident. However, obviously in cases of severe injuries, fractured bones, paralysis, loss of limbs, traumatic brain injuries, etc, it doesn’t always take this long and can take much less time.


We will discuss and advise you as to the proper amount of money that an insurance company should offer you but if we can not settle, we will file suit. It is important to note that some law offices are afraid or hesitant to file suit, at Ramunno & Ramunno P.A., this is certainly not the case, we have no problem taking on the multi-millionaires and billionaires that own and/or run these insurance companies or the doctors that they pay, often in excess of a million dollars a year (for what amounts to nothing more than part time work for the insurance doctors), to do the insurance companies’ so called “defense medical exams” (which are nothing more usually than just cut and paste reports after a cursory exam of an injured victim in which the insurance doctor 99.5% of the time tries to downplay the severity of your injuries). Regardless of the offer, we will discuss it with you, give you our opinion as to if it is good, bad or mediocre, and the final decision is yours as to if you want to settle or file suit. We have learned that some insurance companies unfortunately often play a game of chicken and routinely will low ball their offers until suit is filed. However, the final decision is yours as to whether to sue or not.

However, if the insurance company makes an unreasonable offer, we have no problem in filing suit, we take our jobs seriously and getting our clients top dollar for their injury claims is very important to us. This is also one of many reasons why we think any serious and aggressive lawyer representing injured victims should refuse to represent insurance companies. At Ramunno & Ramunno, P.A. we NEVER represent insurance companies, however, other law offices represent injured victims, while at the same time collecting tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars in fees from insurance companies to defend them in other cases. In these instances, a injured victim should ask themselves: who will be 100% loyal to me and my case? The answer we feel is obvious: its Ramunno Law!

5. Does hiring our firm automatically mean that I will be involved in a lawsuit?

No, in fact, hiring our firm decreases the chances filing a lawsuit will be necessary because the insurance companies know we mean business and we have many victories at trial. As a result, the insurance companies, when they see you’ve hired our firm, often offer more money, offer it faster and offer it before filing a lawsuit is necessary.

In addition, our law firm is highly effective in settling cases and using multiple negotiation tactics to get the best offer possible from an insurance adjuster. A majority of the cases we deal with are settled. On the other hand, insurance companies do not always act logically, ethically or justly, and if that occurs, we have no problem filing suit. Experience has taught us though that the vast majority of these lawsuits settle before actually going to trial. Rest assured though, if we file suit, we will bring enormous pressure on the insurance company and whatever insurance defense law office they are using to cave in and give us what we want: top dollar, and offered promptly, for your injury claim.

At Ramunno & Ramunno we work hard as a team to relieve you of the stress and confusion resulting from these complex legal matters. We will review the alternatives with you, so that your decision is a confident one. We will guide and help you throughout the process.

6. Do I have to stop working to pursue an injury claim?

Although some clients of ours are injured so badly, especially catastrophic injuries such as paralysis, spinal cord injuries, fractured bones, concussions, etc,, that they tragically might never be able to work again or it might be many years before they recover to the degree that returning to work is an option, many of our clients continue to work.

If you and your doctor(s) are comfortable with you working or working in a light duty capacity, then there is nothing wrong with returning to work. Many of our clients work either full time or part time and at the same time continue to treat for their injuries with various doctors.

7. Can I borrow money using my injury case as loan collateral?

Unfortunately, some injury victims are unable to return to work right away and need money to pay bills, etc. Some of these clients use loan companies that use your injury claim as collateral. The loan company will get paid out of the money we get when your case settles. The attorneys at Ramunno & Ramunno always provide these loan companies with whatever information or documents, such as medical records, MRI reports, EMG reports, that our clients ask us to, and, unlike some law offices, we do not charge any additional fee for this service. Many of our clients qualify for loans with these loan companies, and we are always happy to help our clients get approved for these loans because we understand financial needs might make this necessary. Some of our competitors charge two or three hundred dollars, or even more, just to handle the loan process but we always do it for free because we want to help you in every way possible.

8. Does the insurance company have to pay for my prescription medicine?

Yes, but unfortunately some insurance adjusters play games and refuse to pay for prescriptions despite the PIP/no-fault law requiring this. We understand that you are in pain and need your prescriptions to help with your pain, and we are aggressive in making sure that the insurance company pays for your medicine. Many of our clients get prescriptions for Percocet, Oxycodone, Vicodin, Lorazapam, Valium, etc and under Delaware’s PIP/no-fault law the insurance company is supposed to pay for these prescriptions along with your medical bills and, if applicable, lost wages. However, without an injury attorney we have found many times the insurance companies simply deny the pharmacy’s request to pay – arguing they don’t know what the Percocent, Vicodin, etc was prescribed for until they get a copy of the medical record that relates to the prescriptions in question. However, this of course could take days or weeks depending on how fast the doctor’s office submits it, creating an unacceptable delay. However, once you hire us the likelihood of an insurance company playing this game of foot dragging goes down a lot, and if it occurs, we immediately deal with it by putting pressure on the insurance adjuster to pay for these prescriptions. Also, we are usually able to arrange for clients to use pharmacies that will provide the prescriptions and submit the bill to the insurance company.


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