Additional Verdicts/Settlements

Fall, 2012: Lawrence Ramunno successfully settled an auto injury case for over a quarter million dollars. Initially, the insurance company was dragging its feet making an offer, so Mr. Ramunno, following the aggressive strategy employed by Ramunno & Ramunno, P.A., promptly filed suit to increase the pressure and soon after was able to negotiate a favorable settlement. Mr. Ramunno’s client had suffered injuries to her cervical spine (neck) and back, had been in therapy for well in excess of a year, had positive findings on an MRI test, had an EMG test which was positive (confirming nerve damage to the nerves in her spine) and had gotten many epidural injections.

Summer, 2009: $150,000 settlement secured for a client who suffered injuries to his neck and back in a rear-end collision, our client had several epidural injections but did not have surgery.

Summer, 2006: Attorney L. Vincent Ramunno secured through binding arbitration $650,000 for a client who was injured in a car accident and underwent surgery to his cervical spine (neck). The client, who worked as a commercial truck driver, did not have to undergo the stress, delay or expense of a trial, but rather, due to Mr. Ramunno getting the insurance company to agree to binding arbitration, had an attorney conduct a hearing and make a binding decision as to how much should be awarded.

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