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At Ramunno & Ramunno, P.A., we have learned that if you have been in a car accident, slip-and-fall, or work-related accident the best way to protect yourself and make sure the insurance companies don’t take advantage of you is to get a personal injury lawyer right away. A good rule of thumb is that you should contact us, whether by phone, email, and/or coming to our office, the day of the accident, or, at a minimum, the day after the accident. This helps to not only protect your claim’s value and your rights, but also lets us get working on your injury claim as soon as possible. Insurance claims can be complex and have various competing interests that are adverse to your best interests. Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous insurance adjusters who work for big insurance companies that will not hesitate to take advantage of you. They might be smiling and acting friendly, but that’s partly because they are delighted that they’re about to pull a fast one on an injury victim.

If you can’t contact our law office the day of the accident or the next day, simply try to contact us as soon as possible, whether it be 48 hours later, or a week later, but the sooner you contact us, the better.

Many times, the insurance company for the driver at fault will quickly offer you $1,000 or so to settle your case. If you accept a settlement offer, you would be waiving the right to get any further money for your injuries, or for pain and suffering in the future. But if the payment is made for property damage only, or for your lost wages, etc. under no-fault insurance coverage, then there would be no waiver. These are just some of the many complex reasons why we have learned, through many years of fighting insurance companies and insurance lawyers, that it is best to have an attorney involved at the earliest stage possible rather than later. At our firm, we have over 46 years of experience in personal injury claims arising out of automobile accidents, slip-and-falls, work-related accidents or other accidents, have successfully represented thousands of people making injury claims over the years and we have obtained over one hundred million dollars in settlements and jury verdicts.

No-Fault Insurance in Delaware

If you are involved in an automobile accident, you should be aware of our no-fault law and how it affects you. Briefly, under Delaware’s no-fault law, your own insurance company (or the insurance company of the car in which you were riding) must pay for medical expenses and loss of wages incurred within two years of the accident. You can only recover medical expenses and loss of wages from your own insurance company and not from the insurance company of the fault driver.

You don’t need to worry that your insurance premiums will increase, since your insurance company will get reimbursed from the insurance company of the other driver, and therefore, will not be losing any money. Your insurance company will have no reason to increase your premiums and indeed, at Ramunno & Ramunno, despite handling many thousands of auto injury claims, we have not seen this happen to our clients.

Of course, you should keep in mind that what you submit to your own insurance company will eventually be sent to the insurance company of the other driver. So, our Wilmington insurance claims attorneys are very careful as to how the no-fault claims and PIP forms are submitted to the no-fault insurance carrier.

We Handle All Your Insurance Claims and Issues

As to the remainder of your claim – involving medical expenses and loss of wages after two years, your pain and suffering, mental anguish, and any permanent injury, etc. – it will be against the insurance company of the fault driver.

We have many years of experience in dealing on a daily basis with insurance companies and we have found out that unless we want to settle for very little, we cannot settle the claim until we know the full extent of your injuries, and if they will be permanent. Usually, the doctor will not be comfortable answering these questions in writing until about 12 months of treatment and testing is done. Normally, it takes the about one year to determine the full extent of your injuries, if they are permanent injuries any future losses or future medical care that will be needed. The exception to this is when a client’s injuries are catastrophic, for instance, when they’ve lost a limb, suffered paralysis, a traumatic brain injury, when they’re injuries are so severe they are in a coma, and/or when they’ve suffered broken bones. These cases obviously involve catastrophic and devastating injuries for our clients and are different than what has been discussed above.

As to your property damage – that is, the damage to your car or other property – we can either proceed against your own insurance company under your collision coverage or we can recover it from the insurance company of the driver who was at fault. Usually, however, the insurance company of the at-fault driver will only settle your property damage if liability is clear.

If we cannot settle any part of your case, then we will file suit. In our experience, once we get involved, insurance companies generally back off and pay out the property damage claim. However, many times, it amazes us how for a simple and relatively small amount of money to fix the damage to the car, the insurance adjusters will needlessly drag their feet or even ignore a person until they have hired us to handle their injury claim.

We will always keep you fully advised as to what is happening with your case. As we do with all our clients in any case we are handling, we will send you copies of all pleadings and correspondence, etc. We have a number of lawyers, paralegals, and other staff working as a team to help you get full compensation for your claims.

Insurance companies and others involved in these claims are always looking out for their best interests. They spend many millions each year on insurance lawyers, etc. whose goal is to keep you from getting the money you deserve.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, DART bus accident, slip and fall, trip and fall, medical malpractice or a job injury, don’t let the insurance company push you around, contact Ramunno & Ramunno, P.A. at once. We will always relentlessly pursue your injury claim and make sure we get you top dollar for it. Some plaintiff’s law offices are afraid to take on the insurance companies and their lawyers, at Ramunno & Ramunno, P.A., we take great pride in the fact that we are definitely not one of these law offices. Contact us today if you want a law office that is not going to hesitate to fight for you and is going to make sure to get you the most money possible for your personal injury claim. At Ramunno & Ramunno Law Offices we are all about winning and we don’t rest until the job gets done.

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