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When people get hurt in car accidents, or slip and falls due to another person’s sloppy driving, negligence and/or lack of attention, they are entitled to money. Insurance companies though want to keep their money for themselves and aren’t above cheating a injury victim out of the money he or she deserves.

Insurance companies want the general public to think that its not worth the hassle to pursue an injury claim. But we will do the work for you and you’ll be amazed how hassle free it is and how much money we can get you. Take a step towards getting money for yourself and contact us today.

As experienced trial lawyers, we hold the negligent parties’ insurance companies accountable and make them pay top dollar for the injuries and pain they’ve caused our clients . Serving the victims of accidents throughout Delaware, Ramunno & Ramunno has protected personal injury clients for over 40 years. We help clients get compensation for property damage, medical expenses, lost wages, but most of all, pain and suffering that they may suffer for the rest of their lives.

We know the physical and mental pain involved with an injury. Often our clients have serious injuries, that require surgery, injections, MRI’s, EMG’s and/or many months of therapy, often needing well over a year of medical care. Even then, many of our clients do not fully recover from their injuries and suffer life-altering, permanent pain, medical expenses and lost wages for the rest of their lives.

When you have been injured, you deserve to be treated fairly by insurance companies. You deserve full and fair compensation for the pain, bills and life changes you have had to undergo. But sadly, insurance companies usually don’t treat injured people fairly until and unless they are forced to do so. At Ramunno & Ramunno, we take great pride in the fact that we are considered one of Delaware’s biggest and strongest personal injury law offices. We also take great pride in the fact that insurance companies know they can’t push us around and that we won’t hesitate to file suit and/or take an injury case to trial. Because insurance companies know this, and because we have a long running reputation of using legal action to force insurance companies to pay what they owe and winning at trial if they choose to challenge us and our client, we routinely settle injury claims faster and for more money than many other law offices.

In addition, unlike some law offices, who might make hundreds of thousands of dollars each year defending insurance companies, we never represent insurance companies. As a result, our loyalty is 100% to our clients, and insurance companies are not, in any way, able to influence us or our advice to our clients. That is the main reason we refuse to represent insurance companies. But, we also refuse to represent them because we don’t like them and because we are successful and big enough that we are not interested in the relatively small amounts of money they’d pay us. Put another way, Ramunno & Ramunno is simply too successful and too big to bother working for insurance companies.

If you’ve been injured, before hiring a lawyer, ask yourself, who can you trust and rely on more? A law office that doesn’t have even one dollar of its income coming from defending insurance companies or a law office that is getting tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars each year for representing insurance companies. Also, when looking for a law office, if their website or ads don’t make it clear they refuse to represent insurance companies, ask yourself why? And, don’t be afraid, if your talking to them, to ask them point blank: whether they do or don’t. If they do, think long and hard about who their loyalty will be with. At Ramunno & Ramunno you’ll never have to worry about who are loyalty is with, because it’s always 100% with our clients.

And, please always remember, we do not charge a fee or costs until we obtain a recovery for our clients.

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