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If you’ve been injured by a 18-wheeler truck, sometimes called a big rig or “semi”, or by a bus, including a DART bus, you need aggressive attorneys that will get you top dollar for your injuries and who will be 100% focused on winning your case. If you’ve been injured by a truck driver, due to his negligence, recklessness, sloppy driving and/or the trucking company’s failure to adequately inspect and maintain the truck, don’t hesitate to call Ramunno and Ramunno. At 1-855-RAMUNNO and (302) 656-9400


Contact the police, file a report, and get a copy. Do not let the truck driver convince you to just exchange information. If you have been injured in a truck accident, immediately report the accident to the police, ask them to come to you, and file a police report. If you need an ambulance, tell the police, if they don’t listen, call 911 and ask for an ambulance. Please note, the police will not give you a copy of the report, that’s ok, the attorneys at Ramunno Law will get it, the police will simply give you an “Accident Exchange Sheet” that lists some important information, including the information necessary to get the police report.

Take photographs. Photographs of the accident are evidence. If you are able, take photographs of your vehicle before any repairs are done on it or before it is declared a total loss and taken to the junk yard. Also, take photos of the truck and as much of the accident scene as possible, including any debris. If you are in too much pain to take photographs, or if you can’t because you don’t have a camera, don’t be too concerned, the attorneys and investigators at Ramunno Law will get pictures of the damage to your car and the truck or bus if at all possible.

Report your truck accident to your insurance company. You need to report the accident to your insurance company. However, when you do, do not provide any information other than what is in the accident report. If the insurance company representative tries to ask you questions about the accident (and he or she will), tell them you calling simply to report the accident and that any detailed questions will need to wait for another day. Insurance representatives are trained to get you to tell them information they may be able to use against you later to deny your claim. Remember, no matter what they tell you, they are not on your side and do not have your best interests at heart. In fact, insurance companies make many millions, if not billions, in profits each year, and much of this is by taking advantage of people’s trust.

Do not talk to the truck company’s insurance company or sign anything. You may be contacted by the truck company’s insurance company about the accident, perhaps even the trucking company’s insurance agent. If you have not retained a lawyer, tell the insurance representative that you are retaining a lawyer and your lawyer will contact them. If you have retained a lawyer, give the insurance company adjuster the phone number of the law firm and no other information. It’s best if you’ve already hired Ramunno Law by now, and if so, the phone number is simple: 1-855-RAMUNNO. If the insurance representative tries to engage in conversation, for example, by expressing concern about how you are feeling or whether your child was involved in the accident, do not respond. Simply say: “I am represented by a lawyer, and please don’t call me again” or something in this neighborhood. If you tell the insurance adjuster you’ve hired Ramunno Law, he’ll know you’ve brought in the big guns, he won’t like it, but he’ll be taking the case seriously from then on.

Do not sign anything, regardless of what the insurance company for the truck company says or promises. You may be contacted by the trucking company’s claims adjuster. The designated investigator collects evidence to defend the trucking company against claims such as yours. He or she is NOT interested in the truth, these insurance companies and their employees are only interested in getting away with paying as little, or even nothing, to the innocent victims that have been injured. The adjuster may even attempt to try to talk you out of hiring an attorney. Do not be fooled! The trucking company knows, if you are represented by Ramunno and Ramunno, they will have to pay out more money to settle your claim. If you are contacted by the trucking company’s adjuster, assuming you’ve hired us, provide our phone number. If you haven’t hired us yet, seriously consider it, especially if you want to win your case, and regardless, tell the adjuster not to call you, that you are going to hire an attorney and he or she will be in contact with them. Again, do not get involved in a conversation with the claims adjuster. He or she may act like a concerned friend, but the motive is to get you to tell them information they may be able to use against you in the future, to minimize their liability, potentially deny your claim and keep you from getting the money that you deserve.

If your having any pain or discomfort, or having a headache, trouble concentrating, etc, see a doctor as soon as possible after the truck accident. Whether its the Emergency Room, your family doctor, a chiropractor, a neurologist, etc, if your having pain, headaches, numbness, etc, get checked out by a medical provider at once. This does not mean calling your high school friend, who works in a doctor’s office and asking him or her their informal opinion. It means getting formal, face to face treatment and examination by a licensed medical provider. Do not suffer in silence, rather, tell him or her all of the problems you are having.

If you want to get fully compensated for your injuries, the sooner you hire Ramunno and Ramunno the better. We never expect any money out of your pocket. Rather we charge a contingency fee and we only get paid if we win. Because of our track record of taking on the huge companies that own and operate these giant trucking companies and their insurance companies, they know that we aren’t afraid of a fight and once you hire us, we will get to work, including having our investigators trying to find out whatever they can. Often the multi-millionaires who own these trucking companies cut corners and take shortcuts with repairing and inspecting their trucks or “semis” because it helps them become even richer. However, because of the highly regulated nature of the trucking industry, and the heightened level of danger due to the size and instability of tractor-trailers, truck accident litigation can be complex. If you have been injured in a truck accident, contact Ramunno Law at once. The sooner you contact L. Vincent Ramunno, the managing attorney at Ramunno Law, and his team of lawyers, investigators and paralegals, the sooner we will be able to begin investigating the accident, gathering and preserving evidence and taking all measures necessary to preserve your legal rights and get top dollar for you and your injuries.

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