Minor Impact, Major Injury

Some people think that an auto accident that only causes minor damage, say a scratch or a minor bump or dent to the car, means that the person(s) in the cars couldn’t be seriously injured. However, both medical and scientific studies conclusively prove this is wrong and that in many cases, even when the speed of a vehicle is very slow, with little or no damage to the car(s), minor impacts can cause significant injury and pain. Make no mistake about it, a severe impact can cause catastrophic injuries, such as paralysis, traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s) or even wrongful death. However, the serious and permanent injuries that even a minor impact car accident (sometimes called a “fender-bender”) can cause are nothing to take lightly and if you’ve been injured in a car accident like this due to someone else’s fault, you have a right to be compensated and Ramunno & Ramunno Law Offices will get it done.

Sometimes no serious visual damage may occur on a vehicle even though it was hit by another car. Often times motor vehicle bodies or bumper to bumper chassis give little or no crushing effect. Thus relatively high G forces can often result in neck injuries (often called “whiplash injuries”) or other injuries. The use of stiff motor vehicle bodies and chassis will also produce a spiked G force loading to those in the car, even if little damage occurs to the vehicle body or the frame of the car. It is a proven fact that even minor collisions can result in serious injuries.


Have you ever been grocery shopping for eggs and even though the egg carton looked fine you still opened it to make sure that the eggs inside were not cracked? That is because the true story of what happened inside the carton cannot be judged by the carton itself. That same logic applies to car accidents.


As you most likely know, injuries from a car accident can often be very serious. What may appear to be minor injuries in the first few days and weeks after the accident can turn out to be very major injuries. Diagnoses related to auto accidents include: injuries to your spine, disc protrusions, whiplash, herniated discs, lower back pain, nerve damage, carpal tunnel, nerve entrapment, TMJ disorder, post-concussion syndrome, traumatic brain injuries and/or headaches and many more types of injuries.

As set forth above, these serious injuries can occur after car crashes in which there is major damage BUT also in car crashes in which there is little or no damage to the car. Put another way, the car a person is in might be fine or only scratched, but since human beings are not made of steel, the drivers and/or passengers of a car often fare much worse than the car itself.


Years ago, insurance companies spent millions trying to create the impression in the public eye that if the car had only a scratch, etc, it meant that the person or people in it had no injuries or only minor injuries. Some so called “experts” (who literally in some instances were getting millions of dollars from the insurance companies for their services, which included giving reports and testifying – which often were nothing more than cut and paste reports almost all of which had the same basic conclusions) were constantly trying to sell the public on their bogus “scientific” conclusions that a car accident that resulted in no or little damage meant the occupants suffered only minor injuries.


A number of years ago the Delaware Courts and the intelligent and fine judges that sit on the Court ruled, in several key decisions, the most important one being Davis v. Maute, that the insurance companies and their experts and lawyers would no longer be able to merely show pictures of a scratched bumper to a jury and/or have their medical expert talk about the minimal damage to the car, etc. Rather, the Delaware Supreme Court, in Davis v. Maute, required that for there to be any chance of these pictures and/or talk of the damage to the car being minor, that the insurance company’s lawyer would have to have a so-called “bio-mechanical engineer” and that even then, for him to testify, certain criteria had to be met. The end result is that in about vast majority of all cases, there is no viable way for the insurance companies to get into evidence that there was only minimal damage to a person’s car and hence a jury will never hear about it. In addition, as a practical matter, literally the insurance companies only even try to get a “bio-mechanical expert” a handful of times each year in the state of Delaware, and often, when they do try, even then they are unsuccessful and the Court excludes his or her as a witness.


The bottom line is that if you’ve been in an auto accident, you should focus on your body and how you feel. If your concerned you’ve been injured in it, you have a right to get examined by a doctor, including a doctor who specializes in treating injured people. You don’t need to be concerned that the insurance company will try to use the lack of damage to your car against you, because under the court rulings in the state of Delaware, they as a practical matter will not be able to. In addition, medical and scientific studies prove a person can be seriously injured even if his or her car suffered no damage or minimal damage. If you’ve been in a car accident such as this, and your feeling pain and/or your concerned something just doesn’t seem right with your body, listen to your body, get checked out by a doctor.

Furthermore, if you’ve been injured, if your feeling pain or discomfort from a car accident, even one with minor damage or no damage to the car, do NOT hesitate to contact the lawyers at Ramunno & Ramunno. They are tough, aggressive and will not hesitate to use their extensive legal knowledge to get you top dollar for your injuries and make sure that the auto insurance companies pay you for your pain and suffering and, if applicable, your medical bills. They will use their superb knowledge of Delaware’s legal system and rules of civil procedure to outwit and outmaneuver their opponents (the insurance adjusters and insurance lawyers) and get you the money you deserve. And, as always, if there is by some very unusual circumstances, no recovery then you owe the lawyers at Ramunno & Ramunno ZERO. You never are responsible for any fees or costs unless Ramunno & Ramunno wins.

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