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At Ramunno & Ramunno Law Offices we love winning and getting our clients lots of money. We want you to leave our office much richer than when you came here. It gives us great pleasure to stop Big Insurance from cheating our clients out of the money they have coming to them.

A lot of injured victims unfortunately let Big Insurance push them around, at Ramunno & Ramunno Law Offices we don’t let that happen to our clients. An injured victim has already been victimized once by the person or company that caused the injury, they shouldn’t then be victimized again by the dishonest insurance company and their insurance lawyers.

Whether you’ve suffered cervical or lumbar spine injuries, a traumatic brain injury (TBI), torn ligaments in your knee, a shoulder injury, a concussion, herniated discs, or, any other type of injury, we are here for you and to help you get richer. An injured victim can’t be given his or her health back, but can be given money for their injuries and pain, and at our office, we focus on that.

If you’ve been injured, whether in a car accident, a slip and fall, a bus or truck accident, a job injury, an act of medical malpractice, or anything else, the sooner you call us the better off you’ll be and the worse off the insurance company will be.

We only represent injured victims, we have never represented insurance companies. Instead of being in bed with the enemy, we are 100% loyal to our clients.

One of the things that we find is that injured victims initially can be scared to hire an injury lawyer, they might think that it’ll increase their auto insurance rates or offend their employer (if its a job injury). However, it will not increase your car insurance rates and it doesn’t cost your employer any money and won’t create problems with your job. Another thing we have found is that injured victims sometimes feel bad about pursuing a claim, thinking the money will come from the driver who was at fault, this is a lie that the insurance companies have fostered. The money comes from the insurance company of the driver at fault, not the actual driver.

In Delaware, we represent people in all three counties, New Castle County, Kent County and Sussex County. We have 3 offices to better serve you and we have decades of experience. It’s an easy process to get started with us, we can do it in person or over the phone.

Recently, Delaware law was changed so that the minimum insurance coverage on a vehicle is $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident as to what’s called “bodily injury” coverage and under-insured motorist coverage. This is the money we can get you for your injuries, your pain and suffering.

Delaware law has a $15,000 per person, $30,000 per accident minimum as to no-fault insurance, sometimes referred to as Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. This is the money that initially pays your medical bills, your prescriptions and your lost wages.

Always remember, if you’ve been injured, time is not on your side. In Delaware there are statutes of limitation, which limit the amount of time you have to file suit.

In addition, the passage of time doesn’t help the value of your case if you haven’t hired us, instead, it could hurt it, the more time that goes by before you hire us, the more likely it is that crucial evidence of your injuries or proof that the other person was at fault could be lost, misplaced and/or destroyed (very possibly by the insurance company or their investigators). If you have an injury claim, you should try to contact us within 24 hours of the accident, but if you can’t, certainly try to contact us as soon as possible, within days or at least a week.

Once you contact us, we can meet you in person, or just get started over the phone and mail/email. Its whatever you prefer. However, always remember you will not have to pay us any money up front. We look forward to helping you, and helping you get richer. It’s the money you deserve for your injury claim, but getting it from the insurance companies takes a strong, tough injury law office and that’s where we come in.

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