Bus Accidents

Ramunno and Ramunno prides itself on our deep and thorough understanding of not just how to prove negligence in bus accidents, but how to prove the fault for these often horrible accidents usually goes well beyond just the bus driver and often also involves the bus companies and/or bus owners. Although no amount of money will fully compensate a family mourning the loss of a loved one or a victim who is confined to a wheelchair or has suffered other terrible injuries, Ramunno Law will see these cases through and not back down as we prove the full extent of liability.

Often, tour buses will be operated by extremely wealthy companies, unfortunately, the corporate executives who own and run these companies are routinely perfectly willing to cut corners when it comes to safety inspections and obeying federal and/or state laws designed to keep these tour buses safe and reliable while on the road. Too often, the results are tragic. Few types of accidents have the potential to cause the level of carnage that a bus accident does, this is sometimes due to inadequate design of the bus and/or the bus owners or operators ignoring laws that are designed to keep their buses safe (so that they can increase their profits at the cost of human lives and safety).

At Ramunno Law Offices we know that the corporate millionaires who own these buses and the under-handed insurance companies they use will try just about any trick to conceal who truly owns these tour buses and/or to hide their cold hearted corporate decisions to endanger lives by cutting costs. Our team of investigators will aggressively root out the evidence to show this.
After decades of taking on Big Insurance and Big Business, we are not intimidated by them or their high priced lawyers.

One of the first things that the lawyers, staff, and investigation teams at our office do is look at the pyramid ownership schemes these tour bus companies often employ to hide their assets and try to keep their millions even when due to their negligence and indifference tragedy strikes and lives are lost. Through the years we have learned that although the bus might on paper appear to be owned by a company that has little or no assets beyond that one tour bus, it is often a company that has been created solely to shield the millionaire owners of these tour buses from being personally liable for the injuries and wrongful deaths that their reckless conduct, including pushing their drivers to drive these tour buses even when federal or state regulations require that the drivers be given a rest period. We will not hesitate to take on the millionaire owners of these tour bus companies and sue them personally, the legal term is "piercing the corporate veil." But the main thing to know is that the bus company owners will, if successful, be made to pay beyond just their insurance policies, which can be in the millions, but also out of their own bank accounts.

To successfully get beyond just the driver of the bus and the basic insurance policy, it takes hard work, intelligence and legal know how. At Ramunno & Ramunno Law Offices, after over four decades of taking on corporate wrongdoers with deep pockets, we have the resources and the legal skills to get justice. Although no amount of money can bring a loved one back or replace the quality of life that a person who has suffered paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, fractured bones and/or other horrifying injuries has suffered, by taken aggressive, strong, and forceful action, we will make the wrongdoers pay, and we will not let the shell corporations that are often set up to protect the wrongdoers at the top get away without paying full financial compensation.

As always, there is no charge, whether it is our fee or costs (such as the cost of an accident reconstruction expert) unless their is a recovery. Put another way, Ramunno and Ramunno guarantees that if we do not win, you do not pay us a penny.