How Much is My Case Worth

Often people injured in accidents will ask how much is their injury claim worth. Injured victims have every right to money for the pain, injuries, lost wages, medical bills, etc that they have suffered due to someone else's negligent driving, reckless behavior, etc. Case value varies a bit, similar to how the value of a house or even a car might be subject to some difference of opinion. However, estimating case value is not that hard, and for the injury lawyers at Ramunno and Ramunno, P.A. we have decades of experience in determining case value.

The first thing to look at is fault, if a person is at fault for a accident, for instance, if there's a video tape of someone running a red light, even if that person has severe injuries, requiring hundreds of visits to the doctor, their claim is worth zero.

Assuming your not at fault for the accident, the next thing to look at is how skilled your injury lawyer is at getting money from the insurance companies and how much, if at all, the insurance companies fear the injury lawyer. At Ramunno and Ramunno, P.A., we take great pride in the fact that in this area we add enormous value to any injury claim, because insurance companies are afraid of us and don't want to take us on. Unfortunately, some injured victims, whose cases could be worth a lot of money, can end up with much less if they chose the wrong injury law office.

Next, a person's case value is determined by their injuries, pain, symptoms, and diagnosis as documented in writing in the medical records and imaging studies, such as MRI's, EMG's and x-rays.

Also, any lost wages or medical bills in excess of pip /no-fault coverage increases the value of a injury claim.

Below are some cases that our injury team has recently settled, however, unlike some law offices, we simply didn't pick our biggest, we simply picked some car injury settlements.

1. Settlement in excess of $200,000, Injuries included: neck injuries with injuries to cervical (neck) nerve root (causing ongoing radiating pain into arm and numbness / tingling in hand) and also back injuries, including herniated discs that impinged on the thecal sac in the lumbar spine, EMG was positive and clinically correlated with the herniated discs in cervical spine, client got multiple trigger point injections and then epidural injections and had about 18 months of physical therapy, consisting of well over one hundred visits, and then chiropractic therapy, also saw a neurologist and a pain specialist many times.

2. $52,500 settlement, Injuries: Neck and back injuries with pain going into client's leg, MRI proved there was a herniated disc in low back (lumbar spine), client treated for about 14 months with a chiropractor, generally at 5x to 3x a week, starting the day after the car accident, and saw a medical doctor who gave client a series of trigger point injections and recommended epidural injections and EMG.

3. $45,000 settlement, Injuries: cervical spine injury/neck injury, pain radiating into shoulders, treated for about fourteen months with a injury specialist who provided ongoing physical therapy and prescriptions and sent client for a MRI of her cervical spine and for a EMG by a neurologist which was positive for nerve damage a/k/a radiculopathy.

4. $38,000 settlement, Injuries: Neck pain, herniated disc shown by MRI, pain radiating into shoulder and arm with numbness and tingling in hand, positive EMG showing nerve damage and treated with an injury specialist for about 10 months.

5. $3250 settlement, Injury: Sore neck, went to emergency room, and saw a family doctor a few times, who sent client to physical therapy for about a month.

6. $8000 settlement, Injury: sore neck, treated for about 3 months with a chiropractor and a few visits to his family doctor.

7. $26,000 settlement, Injuries: neck pain and a concussion, including headaches with blurred vision and confusion (diagnosed by a neurologist as post-concussion syndrome). Client treated with a chiropractor for about 7 months, also saw a neurologist for her concussion and got a MRI of her cervical spine.

8. $15,000 settlement, Injuries: neck and low back pain, client treated with a chiropractor for about 9 months and got MRI's of his cervical and lumbar spine, had a few visits to a pain doctor for prescriptions.

9. $1500 settlement, Injuries: neck and back pain, client went to the emergency room but then was unable to continue treating despite being in pain due to unrelated, severe medical problems.

10. $1000 settlement, Injuries: neck and back pain, one visit to the emergency room on the day of the accident.

11. $15,000 settlement, Injuries: neck and back pain, client went to the emergency room, followed up with his family doctor and then treated for about 9 months with a chiropractor and also got MRI's of the cervical and lumbar spine.