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Although many law offices simply put their biggest case settlements and jury verdicts on their web pages, Ramunno & Ramunno Law Offices wants to give you a candid and direct way to understand some of the cases they've recently settled and not just the biggest or the best. As such, we've put 10 cases that have settled in the last month or so on this page because we are so confident that our success doesn't require "cherry-picking" but instead, we can just list some of our most recent cases, please note, a few of our recent settlements had confidentiality provisions and of course, those, we could not list. Also, again, note, all of these are auto injury claims, we have not included any workers compensation, medical malpractice and/or slip and fall claims in this list.

1. $8000 settlement, Injury: sore neck, treated for about 3 months with a chiropractor and a few visits to his family doctor.

2. $15,000 settlement, Injuries: sore neck, pain radiating into shoulder, treated for about 8 months with a doctor who provided ongoing physical therapy and prescriptions.

3. $38,000 settlement, Injuries: Neck pain, herniated disc shown by MRI, pain radiating into shoulder and arm, positive EMG showing nerve damage and treated with an injury specialist for about 10 months.

4. $3250 settlement, Injury: Sore neck, went to emergency room, and saw a family doctor a few times, who sent client to physical therapy for about a month.

5. Settlement in excess of $200,000: Injuries: neck injuries with injuries to cervical (neck) nerve root (causing ongoing radiating pain into arm and numbness / tingling in hand) and also back injuries, including herniated discs that impinged on the thecal sac, EMG was positive and clinically correlated with the herniated discs in cervical spine, client got multiple trigger point injections and then epidural injections and had about 18 months of physical therapy and then chiropractic therapy, also saw a neurologist and a pain specialist multiple times.

6. $26,000 settlement: Injuries: neck pain and headaches with blurred vision and confusion (diagnosed by a neurologist as post-concussion syndrome). Client treated with a chiropractor for about 7 months and also saw a neurologist for her concussion.

7. $15,000 Binding Arbitration verdict: Injuries, neck pain with MRI showing disc bulge, client went to emergency room and then about 8 visits to an injury specialist, along with about half a dozen visits to a physical therapist.

8. $52,500 settlement: Injuries: Neck and back injuries with pain radiating into client's leg, MRI confirmed herniated disc in low back (lumbar spine), client treated for about 14 months with a chiropractor, starting the day after the car accident, and saw a medical doctor who gave client a series of trigger point injections and recommended epidural injections and EMG.

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